What is Restylane Silk? 

Maybe you’ve heard about Restylane Silk and aren’t sure what it is. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is here to help. Learn if this is a potential answer for your esthetic needs. Have you noticed your lips aren’t looking as lush and kissable as when you were younger? Maybe little lines have become more noticeable above your lips. Unfortunately, as we age, the skin around our lips and eyes tends to wrinkle first.

Restylane Silk is an FDA approved lip injection that helps augment your lip shape and smooth the lines over your lips which are called your perioral lines.

One of our registered nurses uses an ultra-fine needle to plump your lips with the filler. The filler is made with hyaluronic acid which has been manipulated so the micro particles last longer in your body than natural hyaluronic acid that your body produces.

When it comes to the lip injections and Restylane Silk, you’ll need to see a licensed practitioner. One of the nice things about this formula is that it includes a bit of Lidocaine, which means it will help with the discomfort or sting due to the injections.

As they inject the gel-like product, they may also gently massage the area to create a more even distribution which will give your lips a more natural look. Based on a clinical study, 98% of patients saw a difference within 2 weeks.

For about 60% of the people studied during a clinical research trial, almost 60% saw results that lasted up to 6 months, though this is a procedure you’ll need to duplicate if you want to continue with fuller lips.

Some contraindications to be aware of: If you’re allergic to Lidocaine or gram-positive bacterial proteins used to make hyaluronic acid, prone to bleeding, or have a bleeding disorder you shouldn’t use this product.

So, if you’ve been feeling less than stellar in your appearance, and the thinner look of your lips is bothering you, there is a solution. It’s natural. It happens to most of us because of aging. And those pesky perioral lines that are directly above your lips give your age away as quickly as crow’s feet. It’s frustrating, but at least there’s a simple solution now, a solution that can give you a more youthful look.

With Restylane Silk, you can reshape and refill your lips with results that last up to six months. Knowing the product is FDA approved offers peace of mind as well.

What bothers you the most about getting older? Is it the gray hair sprouting up you’re constantly in a battle to color, the lines around your eyes, or your thinning lips? Thanks to modern science and technology, we can combat most of these things with ease, so don’t let something bother you if you want a quick fix. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to feel your best.

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