Teeth Whitening Services

Safe & Professional Teeth Whitening in Gilbert

Staying true to Colair’s philosophy, our whitening system is an all-natural, plant and mineral-based product with no preservatives. Our teeth whitening services have zero internal harmful effects. The LED light and proprietary whitening gels are completely customizable to maximize effectiveness and reduce sensitivity. Average shade improvement is between 5-10 shades whiter, and it is safe to use on existing dental work. Skip the hassle of going to your dentist for teeth whitening, or the messy at-home trays, Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa in Gilbert, AZ can lighten the shade of your teeth in a matter of minutes.

Lumina & Co Teeth Whitening System

Zero Internal Harmful Effects

Safe for Pregnant & Nursing Mothers

Reputable Teeth Whitening Services

Sure, the dentist can whiten your teeth, but chances are the service will be generic across the board for all of their patients. They use a “one size fits all” approach while we like to look at every set of teeth as different from the rest. We like to customize your teeth whitening experience because you are unique. Our professional teeth whitening utilizes Lumina and Co. to effectively polish your pearly whites. Lumina and Co. uses the most advanced and effective technology by way of LED lights and a mineral-based whitening gel. You don’t have to worry about the harmful effects of bleach, as this product of teeth whitening is made up of natural products that will help your teeth get to the brightest natural shade.