Botox Injections in Gilbert

What is Botox?

Botox (botulinum toxin type A) is a drug used to smooth out lines by preventing muscles from contracting. Initially approved for treating eyelid spasms, it then went on to be used for bladder spasms and excessive sweating, then in 2002, it was approved by the FDA for the treatment of wrinkles on the upper face. In a study on Botox, frown lines, forehead furrows and crows’ feet are caused by repetitive folding of the skin from normal expressions and if you slow down the use of those muscles in your early adult life, the lines never develop. The process has actually been around for about 100 years.




Your Secret Weapon Against Wrinkles

Age Like Fine Wine! Say goodbye to pesky lines and wrinkles with expertly placed Botox injections. Watch as we showcase how Botox can help you achieve smoother, more youthful-looking skin and age like fine wine.

Botox Injection Techniques

Watch as our expert injector demonstrates how to effectively use Botox on a client with a smaller forehead space and muscle. Learn about the benefits of using a more concentrated dilution of Botox and how a subtle lip flip can create the illusion of a fuller upper lip without added volume.

From Frown Lines to Jawline Definition

Discover the wide range of areas that can benefit from Botox injections, including traditional treatment areas like frown lines, forehead wrinkles, and crow’s feet, as well as advanced techniques for gummy smile treatment and jawline enhancement.

What is the Difference Between Botox, Dysport & Xeomin?

While each injection method is made of botulinum toxin, Botox, Dysport and Xeomin formulas differ in the number of accessory proteins they each obtain. Dysport differs in that it allows for a more natural look. Xeomin is just about the same as Botox, the biggest difference being of the neurotoxin makeup. Xeomin is a bare neurotoxin, containing a single ingredient while Botox contains several. It really comes down to personal preference (think Pepsi vs. Coke!) and what works best for your body. Our team of medical professionals in Gilbert, AZ will help you determine which option may be best suited for you!

Dysport crows feet 2

How Many Units Will I Need?

This answer will always vary patient by patient. Depending on the number of wrinkles you have, Botox injections can be more or less than the average patient. Our team of beauty experts will consult with you before going into the procedure to determine how many injections you’ll need.

botox on womans forehead

The Botox Injection Treatment

Make sure to talk about all of the vitamins, medications and supplements you’re currently taking with Colair Beauty Lounge’s registered nurse before undergoing treatment. We recommend avoiding alcohol, aspirin, and fish oil supplements for 48 hours prior to your appointment to lessen your chance of Bruising. Also, you may come with or without makeup, as the treatment area will be cleaned prior to injection.

before and after botox injection on forehead

What to Expect

During the Procedure

After you’ve discussed the desired results with Colair’s RN, there’s a quick pinch from a thin needle and you’ll be in and out in a matter of minutes of your Botox procedure. We can even provide numbing cream for additional comfort.


You may begin to see the effects of your Botox treatment after 3 days, but full effects can take up to 14 days. Hold off on exercise or any strenuous activity for the rest of the day, and avoid swimming, saunas, hot tubs, or other activities that could cause irritation to the injection sites. Avoid Facials, Massage, Chiropractic, or other treatments that apply pressure to the face for 14 days after your treatment. If you notice you would like a touch up of more units or a slight correction, wait the full 14 days for your Botox to kick in, and then come back in and we can make an adjustment!