GroTrack Hair Tracking System

80 million people in the U.S. suffer from hair loss, yet only 2% of people who experience hair thinning are receiving treatment from their doctor. 

According to a national survey, the #1 reason people don’t seek treatment is because they’re skeptical about the results.

To solve this challenging problem, Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa has incorporated GroTrack, an advanced hair analysis system that can: 

  • Analyze your hair thickness condition
  • Measure the improvement in your hair density throughout treatment
  • Scientifically demonstrate your treatment results using quantitative data 

What Does GroTrack Monitor?

The GroTrack hair tracking system gives your provider a scientific method to measure your thinning hair condition. This helps them objectively demonstrate that your hair loss treatment is working.

Your GroTrack report will include:

  • A gallery of high-resolution before and after images for side-by-side comparison
  • A custom hair analysis report
  • Charts and graphs demonstrating hair growth
  • Treatment recommendations using artificial intelligence (AI)
  • A review of your progress

GroTrack gives you the answers you need to be confident in the hair loss treatment and products recommended by your provider. This is especially important early in your treatment program since thinning hair improvement is often not visible with a naked eye or in photos during the first three months.

GroTrack and Alma TED: A Powerful Combination

GroTrack hair analysis can be used in conjunction with your Alma TED (TransEpidermal Delivery) hair growth treatment to prove that the treatment is working to:

  • Reduce shedding
  • Strengthen your hair follicles
  • Result in a thicker, fuller head of hair

How Does it Work?

GroTrack analyzes and measures the improvement in your hair density with our software’s algorithm powered by AI. Our system can scientifically demonstrate your treatment results using quantitative data in as little as 3 months into your treatment program.

What to Expect

The GroTrack hair analysis process only takes about 10 minutes and follows the below steps.


Capture high resolution standardized global and macro hair images easily & quickly.


Hair images are automatically sent to cloud for AI generated hair growth data.


Present hair growth data & treatment results instantly for patient consultation.

What to Expect

GroTrack captures high-resolution images around your head using facial recognition. We’ll also capture magnified images of your scalp.

Your hair images are then analyzed by AI algorithms that automatically generate quantitative data related to your hair growth.

Once your GroTrack report is ready, we’ll walk you through the findings so you can visually see your hair growth progress. We also use this information to make further treatment recommendations.

How the Data is Quantified

GroTrack presents your hair growth data as a percentage of change from your first (or baseline) visit to your hair’s current condition. The report also includes custom charts, graphs and image comparisons to help you see firsthand how quickly and effectively your treatment is working.

Add GroTrack Hair Analysis to Your Next Visit

Hair loss treatment can quickly become frustrating when it’s difficult to see results right away. Our GroTrack service in Gilbert, AZ, will help you stick with your treatment and lead to better outcomes. Call Colair to schedule your appointment today!