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Signs of Aging Skin You Need to be Aware Of

You probably had firm and elastic skin in your pre-20 years. However, your skin may begin showing signs of aging as you approach your mid-ages. That’s because after age 20, your body produces approximately 1 percent less collagen yearly, translating to more fragile and less firm skin. Also, elastin production

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How Often Should You Get IV Vitamin Therapy?

From Adele and Ariana Grande to other top celebrities, numerous well-known people swear by IV therapy treatments. But what’s in these special intravenous injections and how often can you get IV therapy? IV therapy is becoming a more popular way of boosting your health and beauty.  Ultimately, a quick Google

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3 Rising Med Spa Trends

Unlike invasive plastic surgery, non-invasive med spa treatments offer noticeable improvements in the face and body without the financial and emotional investment of surgery.  At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, we offer supervised non-surgical, rejuvenating, and anti-aging cosmetic therapies in a calming environment. From more traditional med spa treatments

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How to Get Naturally Healthy Hair Fast

What’s the secret to a healthy hair routine? While genetics, your diet, and where you live can impact your hair health, knowing how to care for your hair correctly will have a huge impact on your strands.   Learn how to get longer, naturally healthy hair with our favorite healthy hair

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How to Get Rid of Blackheads On Your Own

Troublesome skin comes in many shapes, sizes and colors. Blackheads are those annoying, dark spots that often appear on the nose, chin, back, and forehead. If you’ve tried every scrub, mask, and other blackhead removal treatment but still have those pesky dots, you might not be using the best ingredients

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The Men’s Guide to Spa Days

A simple skincare regime can go a long way. But for the guys who want to level up their skincare game, spa treatments for men are a great way to invest in your skin and self-care. So whether you’re up for a full-on spa day or just want to treat

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