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Kybella: An Injectable Treatment for Double Chin

Are you struggling with a double-chin? Feeling like your face, especially your jawline could be a bit more firm? We get it. Sometimes a double-chin doesn’t discriminate against weight or body-size, depending on your genetics it’s just something some folks have more than others. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa

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How Chin Fillers Enhance Your Neck and Jawline

Chin fillers are an FDA-approved non-surgical treatment to restore proportion and harmony to the face, neck, and jawline.  Do you have a weak chin, recessive jaw, or after a more defined chin? Adding filler in the chin helps restore lower facial volume, combat sagging skin, chisel the jawline and make

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Solve Skin Imperfections With Plasma Pen Treatments 

Who says you need to get under the knife to achieve better, brighter, more youthful-looking skin? Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa knows the importance of looking and feeling your best. This fuels our pursuits in bringing you the very best resources to achieve your skincare goals.  Plasma Pen Treatment,

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How Often Should You Get Botox Injections?

You’ve probably wondered how often you should get Botox once you complete your first treatment.The quick answer that we recommend is every 3 months. This anti-aging treatment is a miracle for many looking to counteract the effects of getting older. Botox is everyone’s favorite weapon against fine lines and wrinkles

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What are the Benefits of Getting a Facial Once a Month? 

Facials, the ultimate luxury and act of pampering that you’re probably not doing enough. Have you wondered how often you should be getting facials? Usually people reserve facials for the most special of occasions, but did you know there’s a lot of benefits to receiving monthly facials? Your skincare experts

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Get Rid of Acne Scars for Good

When it comes to skincare, everything’s about getting rid of acne. Whether that means blowing through salicylic acid face washes or trying topical creams to remove the red, ugly bumps from your skin, when you have acne, it’s always the first thing on your mind. But what about after you’ve

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