Understanding IV Nutrient Therapy

Our bodies regularly get vitamins through nutrition and supplements, but what happens when you need a boost because your immune system or metabolism is sluggish? There are multiple ways to increase your dosage of certain vitamins, but there’s a catch. Even though you’re putting vitamins into your body via eating healthy, there’s a limit to how much your body can absorb at one given time.

Did you know that the way that food breaks down, you’re only absorbing about 50 percent of those vitamins that you ingested? There’s a better way that allows your body to absorb more of what you need—in fact, it offers a 90 percent absorption rate.

IV Nutrient Therapy at Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is an option that puts you in the driver’s seat. With this method of vitamin delivery, you can invest in your body by getting more of what you intended.

Not only do you get higher absorption, but it works faster, so you’ll enjoy the benefits quicker and more efficiently.

Have you heard of Lipotropic injections? These are injections that introduce a highly specialized dose of ingredients to help target cholesterol issues, fat issues, along with helping to detox the body. They do this, all while helping boost your metabolism.

They start with a base of B12, which we all know is great for your body, but are you familiar with other B vitamins, or only the “popular ones” that get spoken about. Have you heard of Inositol? This is also known as B8, though it doesn’t get the same exposure that B12 or B6 does, you’ll want to know about the benefits this B vitamin can do for your body. Here’s a neat tip, it’s actually a sugar! But, this sugar does great things like helping your cell membranes, helps metabolize fat, and aids in nerve synapses. It also helps with serotonin levels and interacts with insulin. In fact, Healthline states that… “research suggests that additional inositol in the form of supplements may have numerous health benefits.”

What other ingredients will you find in B12-MIC IV Nutrient Therapy?

The C in MIC is Choline. According to Medical News Today, Choline supports DNA synthesis, helps metabolize fat, and helps with cell maintenance.

The M stands for Methionine. This is an essential amino acid you find in things like meat and dairy. This important nutrient acts as an antioxidant to help detoxify your body. According to the National Library of Medicine, this powerhouse also is… “required for growth and tissue repair…and is involved in many detoxifying processes…protects cells from pollutants, slows cell aging…”

Because it’s an injected source of vitamins, there are a few important things to know before getting started. First, always work with a practitioner that is both well-qualified and that you trust. Also, with it being an injection, it’s always smart to consult with your doctor to make sure you don’t have any contraindications such as kidney disease because people with kidney disease lack the proper filtration that your body needs to process excess minerals. It’s always important to know what your body is deficient in. Know what you’re lacking, so you can seek out sources that will help you. Take your health back into your hands and find solutions that are effective and can help you feel better.

IV Nutrient Therapy has been around for over 50 years. The more we learn about potent combinations, the more we’re able to create specialized mixtures that enhance and help our bodies.

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