PRP for Under Eye Treatments

You may have heard of PRP or platelet-rich plasma treatments for hair, but did you know that this procedure can also help with under eye bags and issues? While some people rely on fillers, there’s been a movement toward PRP treatments when it comes to under eye repair treatments and Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is thrilled to offer it.  Many people struggle with bags or dark circles and are desperate to find answers. They may first hear about fillers, but they aren’t for everyone. But, what about PRP? What exactly is PRP and how does it help? Platelet-rich-plasma treatments consist of having blood removed from your arm, as if you were having bloodwork drawn for a doctor’s office. Then one our RNs put your blood in a special centrifuge machine which spins the blood. What this does is helps separate the multiple cells of the blood, which allows the practitioner to draw out the platelet-rich plasma cells for your treatment.  The great thing about this procedure is that you aren’t injecting a foreign substance into your body, but rather your own cells which won’t be rejected or cause issue like allergic reactions that other substances might trigger. This can help the baggy area that forms under the eyes, can help with wrinkles and folds in the skin, and can also help with things like lessening the appearance of dark circles.  What they do is draw out the PRP cells in a syringe, then gently place to the eye area with precise care. The PRP helps stimulate collagen, which in turn helps turn over fresh cells quicker. As we age, our collagen slows down then halts production. The PRP stimulates the fibroblasts that helps activate collagen and creates an environment for natural correction.  PRP offers an all-natural solution that uses your blood cells—not lab synthetics which are made with chemicals you don’t need. Your own blood has exactly what you need. No more worrying about what you’re injecting and hoping some inactive ingredient isn’t suddenly causing you to react.  You’ll need to do this treatment a few times for the best results, and it will take approximately 2-3 months to start seeing the full effects of the treatment. Nature takes time. They recommend you have 2-3 injections spaced out over a couple of months. Figure 2-3 months between each treatment for a good range. Feel better relying on your body for blood cells that are platelet-rich rather than a chemistry lab that synthetically created an option that needed FDA regulation. If you’d like to learn more about this procedure or have a free consultation, please visit or call Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa at (480) 866-0007.