How to Prevent Breakouts Caused by Masks

One of the oddities that’s come out of the pandemic is the continual need to wear a mask when going out. It’s an adjustment that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, and yet, it’s giving people an issue that they might not have dealt with in a while. New acne breakouts aren’t exactly a major issue for most folks once they pass a certain age, but with masks, that’s becoming a new norm. It’s like being a teenager again. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is here to help.

First, it’s important to understand how the mask is trapping dirt beneath it, and then to understand why exfoliating the area is so important.

One of the ways that we get acne has to do with our skin cells blocking pores. When your dead skin cells slough off and you exfoliate, you remove them from your face. In the case of wearing a mask, any skin cells that slough off during the day, rather than being able to fall away, they stay in place due to the mask. They stick to the surface of your skin like glue, which in turn blocks your pores.

When your pores are covered, bacteria, dirt, and grime can be trapped beneath the cells that aren’t removed. These closed, blocked pores are a ripe ground for bacteria to then thrive and develop into acne.

After you get home, be sure to cleanse your face immediately and exfoliate the areas that the mask covered. This helps remove those surface layers of dead skin cells and allows your pores to breathe freely without this sticky surface covering. We can assist you in finding the perfect cleanser and toner at Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa.

Now, the layers are so fine at times that you may not see it with the naked eye, so it may not seem important since it isn’t obvious. Just because you can’t visibly see the process happening, doesn’t mean you’re clean and clear. Our skin sheds cells all day long, and they are microscopic, so they may not be noticeable to you.

Want to take things a step further? Consider our DiamondGlow Treatment. Formally known as Dermalinfusion, DiamondGlow Treatment is a pore cleaning miracle facial treatment. It literally vacuums your pores while delivering a deeply hydrating serum.

So, remember, when you’re wearing a mask, those itty-bitty skin cells are sticking in place, clogging up your pores, and trapping in bacteria. A good cleanser and exfoliation can help you clean your face and rid your skin of the excess debris and cells that are stuck like glue to your pores. It’s a simple fix for a frustrating problem.

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