Erica | Connections Curator

What do you enjoy most about the work that you do?

Coming from the fitness industry, I have always been a lover of continuing education and one of the things I love most about Colair is our constant drive for more education and growth; Rather than sitting back, we have an intentional practice to continually develop our craft and passion for all things beauty. I also love the team and their efforts to love on our community so much! I LOVE people, so when I am “curating connections”, I find joy in learning about their lives, their families, their businesses…It is all so fascinating.  Every person has such an incredible story and I love to hear each one of them!

Beauty means the charm and allure that is in each one of us and all around us in the world.  There’s so much to appreciate about each person. There’s so much to appreciate about the world whether in nature, architecture, and culture.  I am so grateful for all the life around me.

Travel ! …I’d love to go to Egypt, Scotland, and Ireland. On my personal life bucket list, I can’t wait to see my kids grow up happy and healthy with maybe a grand baby or six someday. 

When I’m not at work, I’m usually running around with my four kids helping them chase their dreams and passions. Or, you can find me enjoying dinner with my husband or best friend!