Jet Lag Remedy

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Jet lag happens to the best of frequent flyers. Regardless if you’re a seasoned pro, or taking a longer than usual trip somewhere, jet lag can seriously interrupt your vacation-joy. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa wants you to hit the ground running when you reach your final destination, and that’s why were big fans of IV Nutrient Therapy.

IV Nutrient Therapy at Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa in Gilbert,  Arizona, is a process of delivering vitamins and nutrients directly into your bloodstream by way of an injection. Unlike taking vitamins orally, where they take awhile to digest,  the good stuff is completely absorbed. These vitamins and nutrients help with cell functions, leaving you less open to sickness and fatigue— two possible byproducts of traveling.

Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa not only provides our IV Nutrient Therapy and injections under a doctor’s supervision, the person administering the treatment is a registered nurse. Allowing you the peace of mind that you’re under good care. We can make recommendations and answer questions from a the perspective of a medical professional, not just some certified stranger.

So, while you’re planning the trip of your dreams or just the routine work-jaunt, include IV Nutrient Therapy into your plans. Ensure you are feeling and looking your best when you arrive. Fight jet lag and protect yourself from lingering colds and flus that inhabit airports at the same time. For more information about IV Nutrient Therapy, Vitamins Injections or any of our other med spa services, please visit or call Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa in Gilbert, AZ at 480 912-5325

Dallas Sloan and Rich Ganley are the co-owners of Colair Beauty Lounge & Medspa. They are both passionate entrepreneurs and have extensive experience in the beauty, medical and service industries. They are blessed to lead a team of amazing professionals who are “obsessed with service” and love to “Pamper, Inspire, and Educate”! In 2020, Colair was honored to be voted best mid-size business by the Gilbert Arizona Chamber of Commerce.