How to Trim Your Beard 

Fellas, we get it. Beards aren’t going anywhere. Seems like no face is without whiskers these days. Fellas, you’ve got keep it tidy. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is team lumberjack, but our resident barbers are here to provide you with a few tips on taming the beast.Wanting to grow it out and afraid to trim? Beard hair isn’t unlike the hair on top of your head, if you don’t maintain it with a trim every so often, the hair will split and break. Trimming your beard will ensure it grows out smooth and orderly.

Tools of the Trade: You’re gonna need a few things to do this properly. Treat yo’ self. First of all, invest in a good beard brush, beard comb, scissors, trimmers and razor.

1.) Wash it Out: Never start this process with a dirty beard. Try our PaiShai shampoo to get your face-locks in order.

2.) Brush it Out: Before you start clipping away, brush your beard out against the grain. This will allow you to see the crazy whiskers more clearly.

3.) Clip and Snip: You can either use your scissors or clippers, but you’re gonna tackle the strays first. Go with a larger guard on your clippers to start, so you don’t make a grave mistake.  If you’re looking to take some length off, use clippers and go with the grain (downwards on your face).

4.) Stache: Comb all of your mustache down over the top lip, and use clippers without a guard or scissors to cut anything that obstructs the lip. It’s an easy, no fail way to clean up your mustache.

5.) Comb and Style: If you’ve really taken some length off, give yourself a rinse. Then brush your hair back into place. While your beard is still wet, use a beard oil or balm for the finished look.

Does this sound like too many steps? We hear you. Why don’t you think about swinging into Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa for an old-school barber service? Let the hands of a trained professional take care of your beard. You can sit back in one of our vintage-like barber chairs and relax. Want to know more about barber services? Swing in and see us or call at (480) 912-5325.