Glutathione Therapy: What is Glutathione and How Does it Make my Skin Look Better? 

Glutathione is both an antioxidant and protein. Here’s an interesting fact—Glutathione acts as a sponge which draws out free radicals. It also teams up with other vitamins in the body, forcing them to work harder. The best news? Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa is your local hook-up for Glutathione therapy.

Did you know that your body produces this peptide? There’s a way to increase the efficiency and make a bigger impact. Glutathione therapy is one way to add more of this incredible peptide to your body. There are both injections and IV therapy available, which lets your body readily absorb more of the crucial protein and antioxidant.

The healthful benefits include detoxifying your body and removing scavenger free radicals. This protects your skin from damaging elements. You end up with improved immune function while reducing inflammation in your body. As for your skin, it gets brighter, clearer, and healthier looking. Due to the peptide nature of this protein, it has anti-aging benefits as well.

Time has changed the environment and stressors around us. We’re constantly bombarded with pollution, free radicals which are damaging to your cells, and constant day to day stress. What that means is that while your body produces Glutathione, it doesn’t produce nearly enough to keep up with the non-stop demands placed on your body.

By getting Glutathione therapy, you can help coerce your body back into better health. The enzyme responses of Glutathione mean that your skin becomes brighter, helps reduce scarring, and also can reduce dark spots. Because of the anti-aging benefits and how it helps enhance Vitamin C, that means it addresses wrinkles, puffiness, fine lines and even helps prevent acne.

Glutathione also accelerates the benefits of Coenzyme Q10 which is another anti-aging booster. This therapy can be used as injections or IV therapy. You may be wondering why you can’t just simply take supplements to get the same response. Unfortunately, due to how it’s digested, you’d lose the nutrient value, as it doesn’t absorb properly. Generally, the injections are done as muscular injections, while the IV therapy is infused through a standard IV procedure.

When you’re tackling the frustrations of getting older and the inevitable fine lines that occur, there are things you can do. In this instance, by injecting a naturally occurring ingredient you can rejuvenate your skin, while detoxifying your body by using the benefits of the amazing Glutathione therapy. This super peptide is one antioxidant that will give you a nice boost when it comes to a healthier appearance.

When you come to Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa for Glutathione injections, or any kind of IV therapy, you’ll be in the hands of an actual registered nurse. They’ll be able to answer any questions you might have and you can trust the treatment is being done by a seasoned professional.

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