Facial Treatments

Know Your Unique Skin Type for Effective Facial Treatments

What is Your Unique Skin Type?

Getting a facial can be a pampering, rejuvenating experience. But to get the most out of your treatment, understanding your specific skin type is key. This lays the foundation for creating customized facials that target your needs and avoid missteps.

What is “Skin Type” and Why Does it Matter?

Your skin type encompasses your skin’s innate characteristics and behaviors. It goes beyond just being “oily” or “dry.” Skin type takes into account:

Genetic Factors
Your genetics influence your skin type tendencies. Does your mother battle dry skin? You likely will too. Family history provides clues to what skin needs run in your DNA.

Skin’s Baseline Behavior
How does your bare skin look and feel throughout the day without products? Does oil rapidly appear in your T-zone? Does your skin feel tight and flaky without heavy moisturizers? Paying attention to its baseline habits help determine skin type.

Any Underlying Skin Conditions
Many people battle conditions like acne breakouts, sensitivity to products, visible capillaries, redness, and more. These contribute to your overall skin type profile.

Lifestyle and Environmental Impacts
Your daily habits and environmental factors also shape your skin. Lack of sleep, high stress, diet, hydration, sun exposure, climate, and pollution levels all impact your skin’s condition.


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How Do Colair’s Professionals Assess Your Skin Type?

Emage Image Pro 4D

At Colair, our aestheticians have tools and techniques to analyze your skin type beyond the naked eye.


First, your aesthetician will inquire about your genetic background, daily skin habits, lifestyle, what current products you use, and any concerns you may have.


But seeing and feeling your skin with the naked eye is one thing. Our in-house Emage Image Pro 4D is a game-changing skin analysis and face scanner that goes beyond the surface, providing a comprehensive 4D analysis of your skin.

With in-depth data and imaging from the Emage Image Pro 4D, we’re able to go beyond the surface of your skin to:

  • See the structure of your pores
  • Uncover hard-to-see skin spots
  • Analyze pores, wrinkles, and texture
  • Estimate skin age
  • Measure hydration levels

The most effective facial treatments are uniquely tailored to you and your skin type. Our experienced and highly-trained aestheticians then take the data in real time to give you a much deeper look at your skin type and recommend customized facial treatments and skincare products.

Schedule Your FREE 4D Skin Analysis!
Includes scanning, imaging and consultation.

Why Does Skin Type Impact Your Facial Treatment?

Customizing the facial to your skin type is crucial for optimal results. Here a few things that unique skin type:

Product Selection

The right skincare products need to be used. Sensitive skin requires gentle cleansers without dyes and fragrances. Acne-prone skin benefits from oil-free, salicylic products. Dry skin needs heavy moisturizers.

Technique Adjustments

The aesthetician alters techniques based on your skin. Fragile skin needs lighter pressure versus resilient skin tolerating deeper massage. Extractions are minimized for sensitive thin skin.

Additional Treatments

Microneedling, microdermabrasion, chemical peels, Laser treatments, and more,, are each tailored to your skin goals and sensitivities using information determined during your consultation. Not everyone is a candidate for every treatment, and at Colair Beauty Lounge and Med Spa we use our 4D skin imaging technology to see the most detailed aspects of your skin and make accurate recommendations for superior results.

Homecare Guidance
Post-facial home product suggestions suit your specific skin type for better compliance and outcomes.

Get Facials Optimized for Your Skin at Colair Beauty Lounge

Don’t settle for generic facials that ignore your skin’s unique needs. Colair’s licensed aestheticians carefully analyze each client’s skin to design customized treatments that target your specific goals, sensitivities, and problem areas. We take the entire picture of your lifestyle and genetics into account, not just surface-level issues.

Book a facial with a 4D Facial Scan to experience the difference this personalized approach makes in revealing your best skin. Our in-depth consultations and cutting-edge technology empower us to create the optimal personalized facial plan just for you.

Schedule Your FREE 4D Skin Analysis!
Includes scanning, imaging and consultation.