Treatments for Sun Damaged Skin

Remember those years of your youth when you laid out all day and skipped sun screen, attempting to look as tan as a leather sofa? If you’re like us, and regret every moment you even walked outside, your face now has sun spots and is blotchy. At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, we’ve got a couple of options to fixing yesteryears skin mistakes.

1.) Microneedling: Microneedling starts off with a medical-grade numbing your face and using a microneedling pen (that has customizable depths of needle penetration) that punctures your skin to prompt collagen production, and by doing so, plumps up fine lines, stretch marks and helps pigmentation caused by sun damage.

2.) Dermaplaning: What is essentially, shaving off some skin from the very top layer of your face, dermaplaning helps fix uneven skin complexions and literally scraps away the mistakes of years past. In addition, your product will soak into the face much more effectively.

3.) Chemical Peels: In perhaps the most effective route for treating hyper-pigmentation and sun spots, our VI Chemical Peels are great for a variety of skin types and can help with a huge assortment of skincare concerns. The solution is applied to the face and causes exfoliation and helps peel off those dead layers, to help the overall appearance of the skin.

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