Tips to Maintain Botox 

During quarantine, we missed you so much. And like so many, when the lockdown was lifted we couldn’t get a Botox refresh done soon enough. Got us thinking, what is the best way to preserve and maintain injectables? Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa has some tips to get your freshly Botox-ed face looking fierce.

Zen Out: I know it’s easier said than done, but stress really puts a kink in your skin game. There are so many studies suggesting the horrors stress puts on our skin. You may be tempted to check your face out in the mirror, give a squint or frown, but this only diminishes the benefits of botox more quickly.

Take Zinc: Studies have shown that zinc reacts directly with the levels of zinc in your body. And actually, the supplementation of zinc can increase the effects of Botox by 30%. The study was done by Baylor College of Medicine.

Hide from the Sun: Too much sun exposure is never a good idea, but did you know the wrinkles caused by sun damage are impervious to the help of Botox? Yes, zombie wrinkles that make Botox ineffective. Don’t forget to apply sunscreen to your face, even in the cooler temps.

If you’ve been lockdown and are ready to vanish your wrinkles, we would love to have you in our incredible Gilbert medspa. Our facility is under the watch of a doctor, and a registered nurse will walk you through the steps of Botox and provide the treatment. You’ll be in very qualified and trained hands.

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