The Ugly Truth of Counterfeit Botox and How to Avoid It

There’s no way around it, getting Botox or fillers is a big deal. There’s research on trusted sources and the anticipation of getting a long-lasting treatment. And like any important purchase, you’ll more than likely factor in price. Though it might be tempting to go for those unreal deals on Botox, you may be injecting counterfeit botox into your body.

Not just for Louis Vuitton handbags and Gucci glasses, Botox is now being counterfeited. It’s illegally imported into the U.S. market and isn’t obviously vetted by the FDA. So, what are some of the risks associated with fake Botox? First and foremost, you have no idea what it’s actually made of. Some of the side effects of fake Botox can be paralysis of the face, infection and even permanent nerve damage.

Though most won’t be actively seeking counterfeit Botox, you may be putting yourself in a risky position if you overlook a few things. If a deal is good to be true, more than likely it is. Though sales do happen, there’s still a minimum you should expect to pay. Pay attention during the procedure; though there might be some discomfort, there shouldn’t be excessive pain. This is a tell-tell sign of a certified provider of Botox or not.

Want to be extra sure? Check the box. Though it’s unusual for a patient to check the Botox box, you can sure it’s genuine by asking your provider to see it. Most of the time, there’s a holographic image printed on the vial. If this is missing— or just simply a sticker, the product is likely counterfeit. You’ll also find an expiration date and lot number on the real deal. The FDA-approved Botox shows “OnabotulinumtoxinA” as the active ingredient, if there’s any substitute, you should be alarmed.

All of this sounds slightly tedious, no? We’ve got a better option than asking to see bottles and stressing about counterfeit Botox. Come to Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa. The peace of mind knowing you’re not only receiving real Botox, but also will be in the hands of an actual registered nurse is worth its weight in gold. Our reputation as a top-rated provider of Botox and other med spa treatments in Gilbert, AZ is easily accessible on Google.

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