Fighting Winter Frizz 

Living in Arizona, we have a lot of good hair days. It’s the general lack of humidity, but during the winter months’s extra dry and chilly days, our locks can get frizzy. With the incoming stampede of holiday parties and events, here’s a few tips to keep your hair in check.

1.) Put down the Hairdryer

It’s tempting to bust out ol’ faithful and blast our hair into submission, but during the cold months, stick to towel-drying your hair. The heat is banishing moisture from the hair’s cuticle, leaving it straw-like and frazzled.

2.) Pillow Talk

If you’re really struggling with frizzy hair, try switching up your pillow case to a silk one. The slick fibers of silk help the hair not get all bunched up. It may seem like an unnecessary step, but one can never be too prepared in the war on frizz.

3.) Cold Shower

This might sound like thee worst way to start your day during the winter, but taking a cold shower, or at least rinsing with cold water can do wonders for your hair. A deluge of icy water help seal the hair’s cuticle, leaving it looking shiny and frizz-free.

4.) Use the Good Stuff

If you’re really looking to transform your hair, you’ve got to invest in good product. Any hairdresser worth their weight in gold, will tell you the same. At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa, we sell a line called Pai-Shau. It’s uses amino acids and a tea-infused complex to hydrate your hair.

5.) Go Brazilian

If you’re in need of a miracle, consider a Brazilian blowout. This is a transformative treatment that seals and nourishes the hair, leaving it silky-smooth for weeks and weeks. Your treatment even includes product to take-home to keep the frizz at bay for even longer.

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