Combat Pollution on Your Skin in a Time of Havoc Like Wildfires

Sadly, wildfires continue to plague many states. Recently California’s wildfires sent smoke to Arizona. When it comes to natural disasters like this one, have you ever wondered how these moments impact your skin? Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa has some tips on combatting pollution.

According to an article in Allure, it’s mentioned that the potential damage can alter pigmentation issues, degrade collagen, and may cause other issues.

The amount of soot and smoke in the air is a contaminant and pollutant, and our skin is the biggest organ we have. The best thing you can do is avoid being exposed to the area as much as possible by staying indoors. If you aren’t able to, due to working outside or being in a closer area, you may notice your pores becoming more clogged than usual.

It’s important to wash this residue off regularly, even if it doesn’t seem like it’s there. This pollution is settling into your pores, and the easiest way to rid yourself of this mess is to cleanse. But what else can you do to help your fatigued and stressed skin?

In this instance, a facial is an especially good idea. Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa has a variety of facials, but you should focus on treatments that help with collagen damage. Such as our DiamondGlow Treatment. By infusing the skin with healthy ingredients, you’re adding a protective layer of hydration and serums full of active vitamins and nutrients that can nourish your skin when it’s stressed.

If you notice your skin looks duller than usual, it may be time to get a deeper exfoliating treatment such as a peel. While exfoliating at home is important, for deeper exfoliating treatments, you’ll want to visit the experts at Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa for stronger ingredients for a more impactful result.

The increased temperatures and sooty air pollution may also leave your skin feeling more dehydrated than usual. A good serum or moisturizer can help you hydrate your skin. If a simple routine at home isn’t doing the trick, and you feel like your skin is drier than usual and you need a boost, a spa treatment may be needed to help you restore your natural moisture or pH levels of your skin.

The frustrating part of the wildfires when it comes to your skin is that it’s not simply the moment it’s happening, but also after. These pollutants can remain in the air for weeks, lingering, and causing issues with your skin and pores.

Our bodies thrive with oxygen, but when it’s contaminated with extra things like soot and ash, our bodies are taking in this filth with each breath. Because skin is our largest organ, our integumentary system acts as a layer of defense and absorbs these microparticles like a sponge. Consider the natural ingredients that come from soot and smoke, and then add in the chemicals of all the things that were burned in the path of the fire. It’s all in the air, and we’re exposed to it on a daily basis.

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