Cold Weather Skin Tips 

Although Arizona never dips too low, colder temps can provide a unique set of challenges for our skin. At Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa we want to get your skin winter-ready with a few tips and suggestions.

1.) Don’t go too hot:

There’s nothing like a really hot shower or bath during the chilly months, but going too warm can actually draw out all the moisture from your skin. Always follow-up with a full body moisturizer as well.

2.) Ditch the Scent

You might have a favorite body wash or night cream that smells delicious, but that fragrance can cause havoc on your skin. Usually alcohol-based, fragrance in product is a secret causer of itchy skin. Their astringent properties can strip the skin of natural oils.

4.) Sunscreen Stays On

You’d be surprised by how many folks forget that they still have to wear sunscreen in the winter months. The drop temperature doesn’t mean harmful UV rays aren’t still out to get you. And if you head up north, don’t forget snow reflects the rays up to 80%.

5.) Facials, Facials, Facials

If you really want to alleviate winter’s harsh conditions on your face, come to Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa for a facial. Allow our skin-experts to give your face a look-over and determine which facial would best help you. We’ll be able to scrub away any dead skin and apply moisturizers that deeply penetrate, leaving you feeling like a spring flower.

6.) Product Switch-Up

With even less moisture in the air during winter months, it’s a great time to use different products that might be a little richer than your usual ones. We carry multiple product lines— insuring that you’ll find just the right one for your specific skin condition/concerns.

If you want to learn more about how Colair Beauty Lounge & Med Spa in Gilbert, Arizona can help your skin this winter, please visit or call us at (480) 912-5325.